When I was decorating my nursery, I called the baby crib the ‘focal point’ of the baby room as the baby will be spending most of the time in crib.

But when you think about it, but what about for you and me? Don’t we, as parents, need somewhere comfortable to spend a lot of our time nursing our baby?

While setting up the nursery room and shopping for nursery furniture, one question always pops up in parents mind:

Is a rocking chair necessary in the baby room? Does this question make you wonder as well?

It must, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Well, it did bother me when I was buying all the nursery furniture for my first baby’s nursery, but my experience proved that buying a glider and rocker for the nursery was the wisest decision I ever made when it came to having kids (with many other wise decisions).

My nursery chair had become my ‘soul partner’ in all those sleepless nights.  Not to mention that it provided me comfort with its softness and made feeding easy for me, but it helped me out in the looks department – it helped me look less ugly and sleep deprived in the morning as I took some secret naps on my rocking nursery chair whilst bub was wiggling off to sleep.

Either as a new parent or an experienced parent, the idea of buying a recliner, rocker or glider has popped up into your mind. By listening the opinion of many parents, hopefully you got the answer by now. They are truly a must for your baby room, plus it will be the only piece of furniture that will be useful even when your baby grows up as the story time usually takes place on the same nursery chair. Then after that, it can become part of the furniture in the living room or another area of the house where a comfy recliner is needed.

When is the right time to buy a chair?

BEFORE the baby is due, just like everything else that you need for the nursery, you will be too exhausted to think otherwise or have the time to wait for one.

So once you’ve decided you deserve some money to be spent on something you will need and enjoy as a parent, here are a few things you must know before going for shopping for one.

Different Types of Chairs for the Nursery

You will see examples of these in our list above, but here is more information on the most common types of nursery baby chairs.

Nursing Chair

Nursing chairs, also known as baby feeding chairs, are used to provide you the best and most comfortable position for breast feeding, bottle feeding your baby or nursing your baby to sleep.

A few decades ago, ‘nursing chairs’ were considered to be an essential part of a baby nursery, then they were replaced by ‘rocking chairs’. Now modern breastfeeding chairs are a combination of both to ensure that feeding time is much easier by supporting your arms in the feeding position that is suitable for both you and your baby.

Gliders and Ottomans

Glider chairs are an updated version of rocking chairs that simply provide you with indescribable comfort; and if you still haven’t sat on a glider chair before, then you will probably experience an amazing feeling for the very first time.

The back and forth motion of a glider chair is comfortable for both your baby and yourself and was the secret behind my ‘soul partner’ and my ‘secret naps’.

And what about an ottoman, are they really that necessary? Um. Yes. You NEED an ottoman with the glider; you need to put your feet up! An ottoman allows for full body relaxation and is something that if you don’t buy with the chair, you will regret it.

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs serve the same purpose as gliders (to provide a comfortable place for you to nurse your baby and also feed your little one) but they move on rounded rockers so they do require some effort with your toes for rocking the chair.

No longer the old versions of those uncomfortable rocking chairs, many brands now offer innovative rocking nursery chairs that are more comfortable and require less effort than the ones we remember back in the day. They come in different colors and with cushions or padding so you can choose according to your requirement.

All these nursing chairs, whether you opt for a glider, rocking chair or recliner, can all be used comfortable for feeding and nursing purposes in your home, it’s up to you to decide which one suits you best.

4 Important Features In a Nursery Chair And Why You Need It

All of the nursery chair rockers, reclines and gliders that we have suggested above are the most popular and best brands as rated by parents worldwide for the purpose of a comfortable chair in your baby’s nursery. If none of the above suit your needs, ensure you are looking for a chair that has the following features.


Your nursery chair will probably the place where you will take half of your sleep in the first few months so it should be able to recline, few gilders and rocking chairs in the market offer up to 6 inch reclining and that’s the best you can get.

Locking System

A comfortable glider or nursery chair should come with locking mechanism as it will assure the safety of the baby and yourself while sleeping.

Padding and Proper Seat Cushioning

The most important thing is comfort, after all this is the sole purpose of a nursery chair so it should be comfortable enough to let you be in it for most of the time. Trust me, nothing can be worse than a nursery chair which is not comfortable at 3.00 am at night.

Wide seat

A wide seat will also add to the comfort and allow you to change positions, especially when you are going to feed the baby in it, you need to change your positions many times to find a suitable position so a nursery chair should have wide seat.


Source: http://mybabycare.org

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