If you want to have a home make over, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start. In fact, there are cheap ways to decorate your home. From painting your wall, re-purposing and organizing your own furniture, to adding some collectibles to have a cozy and modern home décor.


1. Wall Color


For some homeowners who would like to move in, choosing the ideal wall color is always on their priority list. However, paint colors are different depending on the light sources of your home. A specific wall color, for example, a blue one might look great on your current home but not on the other. To choose the right wall color will depend from your stuff that will compliment your home. Therefore, wall color should be your last option for home décor.

More tip: To have a family friendly wall paint color, white is one of the best choice. It looks refreshing and you don’t have to worry if your home looks great based on your furniture at home.

2. Furniture

Image by ATBO

You don’t have to buy all the classy furniture to have a total home make over. You should only spend for better quality pieces and what you need for re-purposing your used furniture.


3. Avoid Too Theme-y

Image by Drew McGukin

A very popular decoration, like the Copy Cod, has been done so many times for home décor. If you would use the same theme based on popular demands, your home would lack personality. Adding artwork, some materials, and giving your space, a breathing room is better than cliché.


4. Sight Lines

When you have a low furniture, changing the designs into vertical lines will do the trick. Also, make sure that your center point of attraction should be free and clear next to the other rooms.


5. Arrange Collectibles

Create a well-balanced theme through removing unnecessary pieces that don’t fit. If it’s important to you, move it to other rooms and find where it fits.


6. Fast-fixes

If you can still fix it, try to fix it. If you have left over wall paint, you can use it to repaint your old chairs. You can also add fancy trims along the edge of your curtains and pillows. This is fast and DIY home décor tips if you’re in a tight budget.


7. Comfy Seating

A comfortable space is about creating a conversational seating, layers, visually and functionally stimulating, and it pleases the eye. Here are some ideas:

If you like modern furniture, LuxMeLIFE offers contemporary pieces adding a quiet sculptural element to a monochromatic space. Choose from a wide range of styles, luxurious textures, clean lines and rich bold colors for the pickiest decor palette.



8. Clean and Organize


Considering that your house is clean, but here are common disorganized mistakes that you might be doing:

a.) Storage and Containers

“Having piles neatly lined up doesn’t mean you’re organized”, says professional organizer Linda Rothschild. You should design a spot that’s coming in to your home. However, when you place unnecessary things in your storage to clear up space, it doesn’t mean your organized as well. Your stuff in your storage and containers must be organized so you don’t have to waste your time when you look for it in the future. You should also avoid buying too much organizers at home. It just adds frustration.

b.) Too Clear

Too clear counter decreases efficiency when you use a specific thing almost every day. For example, in the kitchen, when you cleared off what doesn’t belong on the kitchen counter, you should add a designated spot when you need something at hand to keep it clean and organized.

c.) Too Many

“Too much is as bad as too little.” -Edna Ferber
Too much picture frames are just outdated and a horrible form of clutter. Of course, you love your family but two to three tiny framed photos of them are enough. If you love an art gallery wall, just go for it. Conclusion: There are a lot of creative ways to decorate your home, some of the tips may not even practical for a particular space. The best decision you’ll ever make is to choose for the ones that is comfortable for you, and makes you happy.

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